How to Make Extra Cash


Sell Your Old Car for Cash 

Many people are the kinds of car owners that drive a car until it dies for good. If this is you, you might be reaching that point with your old car. There is not any severe damage, but it has its scratches, dents, dings, and normal wear-and-tear.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash 

Maybe you have a junk car, or a car that has severe mechanical damage, body damage, or is not drivable anymore. If this is you, selling a junk car for cash is easy and there are plenty of people who will be interested.

Sell Your Totaled Car 

If you have a car that was in an accident and declared totaled by your insurance company, and you did not have full coverage insurance, you can still sell it for cash! Your car might have a salvage title now but there are still plenty of interested buyers.

How Much Cash Can You Expect? 

This first thing you should keep in mind when selling your car is what others will be looking for when deciding how much to offer you. You should also determine what your car is worth using evaluation tools like Kelley Blue Book. Some other things you should be wary of are: 

  • The year the car was made 
  • The make 
  • The model 
  • The condition of the car 
  • The title status of the car 

Keep in mind that most of the places that offer to give you cash are looking to make money on your vehicle even after they buy it from you. For example, selling your car to a junkyard will not get you the same amount of money as selling your car to a car buyer.

Expect Between $300 and $500 

Realistically, expect $300 to $500 for any of the three types of cars listed above. $500 in cash for junk cars is typically the standard, but that price can vary dramatically based on who the offer is from, and how much they value it.

Trade-In Your Car for Cash or Trade-In Value? 

Many people will opt to trade-in their car for credit towards their purchase of a new car. While this is good for some looking to get another car, it is one of the worst ways to get cash for your car. It can be a frustrating experience dealing with car dealership salesmen and they will often give you the lowest offer on your car. 

Does Paying in Cash Give You the Upper Hand at Dealerships? 

Will car dealers give you a discount for cash? The answer is yes if you are buying an older, used car. If you are buying a new car, these dealerships do not care whether the car is paid for in cash or if it’s financed. They might make you think that you are getting a good deal when they are just trying to make the sale.

The Best Way to Make Extra Cash, Sell Your Car for Cash to! 

A lot of people are unaware that there are businesses that exist to buy cars from the public. They make it easy and even provide junk car removal for cash! If you need to have your junk car removed. is the premier car buyer in the auto industry and we make it easy to sell your car for cash, all in 24 hours or less! It is a simple three-step process: 

  1. Give us a call at (205) 434-1760 and speak to one of our offer specialists. 
  2. They will give you your guaranteed quote and set up your time and place for the pick-up. 
  3. Meet your tow driver at the designated time and place and have you check in-hand, all in 24 hours or less! 

If you do not know how to make extra cash, downsizing by selling any extra cars you own is a great way. Fill out our instant online quote to see how much cash you could get for your car! If you want to sell to the best car buyers that will tow your car for cash, look no further than!


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